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Download the latest version of the package from this site. Unpack the scripts with:
tar -xzf atd_scripts-{version}.tar.gz
cd atd_scripts

Add the atd_scripts/bin directory to your path.
Install the xmgrace template file, which is an enhanced template containing more colors that allow for the plotting of the graphs used here:
make grace
Note: This will override your ~/.grace/templates/Default.agr file, and copy it to Default.agr.BAK. Generally that is fine, but if you have changed your Default.agr for some reason, backup it.
GIT repository:

atd_scripts-16.341.3.tar.gz Release 16.341.3
atd_scripts-16.341.2.tar.gz Release 16.341.2
atd_scripts-16.341.tar.gz Release 16.341
atd_scripts-13.086.tar.gz Included time_dep.f90 program create the time-dependence graph of the propagation of heat. Also fixed bug on Makefile for "make grace".
atd_scripts-13.078.tar.gz Updated example file for correct path of psfgen.
atd_scripts-13.065.tar.gz ATD scripts - first published version.

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