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Download the latest version of the package from this site. To compile it, first, you need a Fortran compiler. The GNU Fortran Compiler, gfortran, is available in standard repositories of every GNU-Linux distribution.

If you have a Fortran compiler installed, do:
tar -xzf mdlovofit-{version}.tar.gz
cd mdlovofit
This procedure will create the executable mdlovofit in the directory mdlovofit/bin. The most practical way to use it is to add this directory to your path.

Go to the Usage page for instructions on how to use the software.

mdlovofit-16.264.tar.gz Added warning if only one frame is found, and avoid averaging of rmsds.
mdlovofit-16.216.tar.gz Cycles mapfractions if n_consider < 4
mdlovofit-16.215.tar.gz Fixed initialization of ntype
mdlovofit-16.162.tar.gz Fixed bug in reading of -atoms option when using mapfrac.
mdlovofit-16.013.tar.gz Removed dummy file which was being distributed.
mdlovofit-15.313.tar.gz Added options for user defined atom type selections.
mdlovofit-14.310.tar.gz Fixed bug on printing RMSF as beta in output PDB file.
mdlovofit-14.303.tar.gz Included -rmsf option to create RMSF data file.
mdlovofit-14.087.tar.gz First version distributed.

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